This site is “new” by removing and replacing the theme, pages, and posts.  In the near future, it is my plan to add a membership to provide a little cash flow and extending our service to include responses to personal questions, issues, or inquiries.  Hopefully, all will be accomplished by June 2020.

The messianic symbol of the Star of David with the inset Cross represents the Jewish heritage of our Savior and the inclusion of All Nations in the Gospel. 

We will post articles, topics, or discussions from time to time.  Today I’m about to finish proofreading an article entitled “God’s Election and Free Will” that was the result of a class on The Holy Spirit.  Many different opinions exist as to what God means by His Election.

Next, we will finalize the material used for the study of the Holy Spirit and post those 3 papers.  We are working on a Bible Study of the New Testament – specifically, the first 4 books of the NT.  The deadline is September 1, 2020, as the class is expected to begin the week of September 13, 2020The posts that are onsite come from prior inquires and Sunday School lessons given over the past year.

Yes, there will be other authors who will have papers posted, questions answered, and invitations to bring their researched material for posting.   We are a body made up of individuals with backgrounds from the Church of Christ, Presbyterian, Luthern, Methodist, Baptist, Non-denominational, Brethren, and similar.  We are non-denominational.  Our focus is the Bible as we have it in many translations which often include bias from the interpreter’s personal membership or allegiance.  Overcoming bias is the quest we seek success in achieving.

There is a faith that Satan, demons, and fallen angels have that is not saving faith.  That is their faith will not achieve living with the Savior throughout eternity.  We may recognize that Satan, demons, and fallen angels have absolute faith that Messiah Yeshua (a.k.a., Christ Jesus) is the only begotten Son of God (the Father). see Mark 1:21-28; specifically, verse 27.

Therefore, our first quest must be to understand what “saving faith”  is, looks like, and can be observed.  We have that material in the archives and will post it on site.

Dedicated to TRUTH according to our Heavenly Father as revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.

What if today we could only receive the benefits we gave thanks for yesterday?

Shalom,  Richard W. Darnell, creator of this website.



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