About Us

We are an informal group of Christians from almost every Christian church background.  That said, Our purpose is to find the Holy Spirit’s guidance to our Heavenly Father’s Truth.

The documents we post are the author’s work.  Most of them will be completed and posted by the site’s founder, Richard W. Darnell.  However, oftentimes many others will have made contributions to the finished work posted.

We do not intend to promote one denomination over another.  Attending a local church we believe should be each individual’s decision after visiting and concluding their preference.

Yes, we do promote the Bible as the Inspired Word of God, 1 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21.  We understand that no one person should change anything about scripture that would alter its meaning.

The Bible is written such that the revelation of Truth is a progressive process.  Therefore, the meaning of scripture has more than one level of truth to impart over time and depending on the progress of civilization.

We also have prayer warriors who will pray for you, your family, or someone you know.  All we ask is that you inform us of the name, purpose for the request, and any particular need or aspect to be prayed.  We also request that when the issue for the person (or their family) has passed or answered, that you inform us and provide the details of the outcome.

Each of us donates our time and talents to this endeavor.  We intend to offer membership to our site and ask for voluntary contributions.  We prefer that people donate an amount they can afford and as often as they deem appropriate.

God bless you one and all, Amen

Author: Richard W. Darnell, May 7, 2020