About Us


 Richard W. Darnell, JD

     Regardless of your church affiliation, bible knowledge, or how much of the bible you have read –  Welcome!  Our goal here is to examine God’s word which He left for us to learn of His character, personality, and requirements.  The better we understand who God is and what he expects from us, the better servants we will be to do the “…good works that He has prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

     I retired from Civil Trial Law several years ago.  In my youth, I thought working as near to 24/7 was the better approach. My health took the hit.  After several heart attacks and other related issues, retirement was necessary.   My sweet and wonderful wife has stood with me through good times and bad.  She always has great council on which I have learned to rely.

     Growing up in a religious family and going to church each time the doors opened was not the best preparation for my early adulthood  rebellion.  Following several years of angered rebellion, I regained consciousness KNOWING there was only one living and true God.  The words are capitalized and made bold to signify that knowing is much more than reading, hearing, and repeating.  When you have experience with God, you pass that space between head knowledge and come to an experience with what establishes HEART knowledge.  That is something very real, personal, and intimate.  My serious study of the Bible began just a few years after in the fall of 1990.

     My wife had survived cancer; her mother died from cancer the previous year (1989). Mortality was no longer something in the future and my motivation to KNOW the TRUTH was my most compelling need and desire.  For years, I accumulated more unanswered questions than answers.  By the 1990’s my frustration with not understanding had reached its climax.  When, I gave up and surrendered – God’s Spirit welcomed me with answers to my many questions.

      As A result of continued prayer, reading, and research my progress to greater understanding continued to emerge.  Maturing in faith has taken the same path as life. It took some time for me to recognize that God’s word is provided in progressive revelation installments.

     As my understanding has grown, it makes sense not to have the fullness of His plan revealed from the beginning. Yes, there are hints, signs, symbols, and outright disclosures that people experienced from the beginning up to the start of my life.  Each encounter with God is the preparation provided to ready them for the next revelation of truth.  What a mind, heart, and soul awakening that understanding brought.

     What is shared within this site, are the result of many years of preparation, research, and teaching. I will share my understandings without reference to any dogma, doctrine, or opinion of any particular denomination. My firm belief is that God expects each individual to establish and mature their intimate personal relationship with Christ Jesus (Messiah Yeshua) while living in this Earth. It is a personal matter for which we will be held accountable.  No organization can do it for us.  We are accountable for the deeds done while here,  Matthew 12:35-37.

     Regardless of whether you have or do not have a Church affiliation, we welcome you to our site and invite you to reason with us on this journey of discovering God’s inerrant truth.

May God daily bless you, R