The Cross within Star of David

Star of David with Cross What is the meaning of the Cross within the Star of David?   Known in Hebrew as a Magen David (shield of David), geometrically it is two triangles superimposed on each other, forming the shape of a hexagram. Though today the symbol popularly communicates Jewishness, its associations with Judaism are newer than one might think.

The current Messianic Jews (often called Christian Jews) have begun to use this symbol to represent their status as a disciple of our Messiah (now called Christ Jesus by most English persons).  Our Redeemer was a Jew, born with the name Yeshua which in the strict sense was Iesus or Iaosus either using Greek or Latin (some sources use different spelling).

Therefore, the combined symbols are used as representing the coming together into one whole the truth of God’s dealing with mankind.   When God was dealing directly with Abraham’s descendants under the original covenant,  it was without the Holy Spirit dwelling within each believer.  The rule was that “God” was their God and “they” were His people.  The many prophecies (see, Isaiah 53 and Jeremiah 31:31-34) about the coming savior who would be known as “Immanuel” – meaning, God with us – was to be born into humankind through a Jewish virgin.  He was a Jew, lived as a Jew and died as a Jew.  And, He arose from the dead as a resurrected Jewish Messiah.  Therefore, salvation comes from or through the Jews first.

This symbol is appropriate for any Messianic believer (one who believes Yeshua/Jesus is the Son of God and the only begotten Son – who is both human and Divine).  The use of the OT word “Messiah” should be familiar with anyone who has studied (or read) the Old and New Testaments.  Knowing that our Lord, Savior, Redeemer, and King is the same person known to Jews as Messiah Yeshua (Yehoshua) or to Western Christians as Christ Jesus.  Therefore, when the realization becomes personal as to the truth of the matter, this symbol is the melding of two distinct eras of God’s people.

Believers are Messianic – Christians.  Each emphasizes different languages while referring to the same person.

Written and Posted by Richard W. Darnell

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